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Marking the conclusion of the third festival of films for families

The festival has been held for three years in the small Italian town of Fiuggi. There are two main protagonists: the cinema and the family. All films are meant for family viewing and highlight the love and unin between parents and children.

?From time to time?, by English filmmaker and Oscar award winner Julian Fellowes tells the story of Tim, a 13 year old boy facing the presence of ghosts in his house.

The story takes place in 1944 and the film won an award for its underscoring the importance of family unity and the acceptance of others.

"Letters to Father Jacob" also received a special award. It tells the story of a woman who after 12 years in prison works as a parish secretary for a blind priest. According to the awards jury, the film deals admirably with themes such as suffering, forgiveness and the sense of the transcendent, which saves the characters.

The film festival is rooted in an Italian passion for life and the family – reviewing over a hundred films each year made for the family and underscoring its true importance.