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Rome Reports

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The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre support the training of new leaders in the Holy Land

Agostino Borromeo, is the Governor General of the Order. He monitors the activities of the Knights and assesses the needs and assistance that can be provided in the Holy Land.

Agostino BorromeoGovernor General, Order of the Holy Sepulchre"The Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem has medieval origins. It is a lay Catholic association whose superior is a Cardinal Grand Master, appointed by the Pope. The Order has around 27,000 members worldwide, dedicated to helping promote Catholic support and development initiatives in the Holy Land."

Christians are a minority in the Holy Land, numbering around 400,000 of its 16 million inhabitants. And given the diminishing numbers of Christians in Israel and Palestine, those left behind often prefer to emigrate to countries with greater economic and social stability.

As a minority, Christians have almost no representation in civilian life. Therefore, the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre work especially in supporting Christians in the Holy Land, especially through education and job creation to help develop and sustain a decent standard of living inspired by Christan values.

One of the main activities of the Order is to support Catholic schools. Institutions recognized for their quality as some of the best in the area include the Catholic University of Bethlehem and Catholic schools of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Agostino BorromeoGovernor General, Order of the Holy Sepulchre

"It?s important to know that there are also non-Christians who study in these schools. Sometimes there is a majority of Muslim students. These schools are places where people learn to dialogue and know each other better. Future leaders are formed inthis schools – both Christians and non-Christians who know each other and have to respect each other – a basis for working together to build a better future for all marked by justice and peace."

In the last 10 years the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre have spent more than $ 60 million to support these educational projects. It?s an investment for a better and brighter future for Christians and non Christians alike in the Holy Land. BR/TJFFJM-BN-