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Pope calls for an end of violence in Mogadishu, Somalia

His appeal came as violence continues to escalate in the African country. Recently a suicide bomb at a hotel in the capital killed 33 people and wounded 150 others.

Onhand at the pope?s audience held in in Castel Gandolfo were 3,500 pilgrims. In recalling Somalia, Pope Benedict expressed his solidarity with the victims and their families.

Benedict XVI“I am close to the families of the victims and all those who suffer in Somalia because of hatred and instability.”

The Pope focused his catechesis on the example of Saint ; Augustine, whose feast is celebrated on August 28th. He emphasized the Saint?s "constant" search for the one Truth.

Although at times Augustine looked to prestige, material possessions or immediate happiness, he learned to reflect more deeply and look within himself. In this way, the Pope explained, the Saint discovered that the God for whom he was search never had abandoned him and was waiting to become part of his life.

Benedict XVI“I would say to everyone - including those going through difficult times in their journey of faith, those involved little in the life of the Church, or those living “as if God did not exist” - ; do not be afraid of Truth and never break off your journey towards it.”

Benedict XVI noted that the search for truth is a current issue, especially at a time now where relativism often guides thinking and decision making.

In his last general audience of August, the Pope said that all people should choose a saint who can become a "traveling companion” and guide them towards authentic truth – to God.PVB/TJCTVJM-BN-