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Angelus: Pope focuses on his message for the next World Youth Day in Madrid, 2011

Benedict XVI“Each and every person is called to begin anew the journey of discovery of the meaning of life. For this reason, I wanted to present a message, which in a biblical style, evokes images of a tree and a house. The young person is like a tree which is growing. In order to grow well, it needs deep to develop deep roots so that when there is wind storm, the roots keep the tree well grounded in the soil”

According to the Pope, the key message is to live life to the full. And to do that, he says you have to have your life rooted in God.

Benedict XVI"A relationship of deep trust and of true friendship with Jesus can give a young person what is needed to face life positively – with calm and interior clarity, with a positive attitude, generosity towards others and willingness to pay the price for what is right, just and true."

For the first time, the Pope arrived late to his weekly Angelus prayer, due to the delayed departure of the helicopter which brought him back to his summer residence.

Benedict XVI"First of all, I apologize for the delay. I?ve just returned from a visit to Carpineto Romano where Pope Leo XIII was born 200 years ago."

The delay did not matter to the pilgrims attending the Angelus as they happily welcomed the Pope.