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Vatican Consider Sports Event to Coincide with World Youth Day Madrid, 2011

Fr. Kevin LixeySection "Church and Sport" (Vatican)“I work with Madrid and the host country, and the bishops of Spain to make sport, get together before the wyd in valencia or another cities outside of Madrid. We hope that sport could be a way ; to help different countries to meet.”

Sport and religion are two worlds that seem light years away, but the Vatican department is trying to show they are not as distant as many think.

Fr. Kevin LixeySection "Church and Sport" (Vatican)“I think also if one lives your faith, the catholic faith, it takes seriously that this it?s gonna have consequences not only off the field but also on the field. How they act with the others like a team first of all, but also with their opponent.”A good example from athletes has a huge impact on young fans.

With sport, it’s easier to transmit and proclaim values such as teamwork, solidarity and effort. Values that can be integrated into life off the field.

Fr. Kevin LixeySection "Church and Sport" (Vatican)“A sportsman, I have to say first of all he needs some human qualities, and this is something that sport can help. We often here … the fair play, or being loyal, being honest, being dedicated.”

Father Lixey is also looking at ideas for the 2012 Olympic Games: a global event for which the Catholic Church also wants to be present.