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Pope attends to a concert in Castel Gandolfo

L?Orchestra di Padova e Veneto and the Choir of the Accademia della Voce di Torino, performed the Mozart Requiem Mass, a work which he recalled his childhood to Benedict XVI.

Benedict XVI“Every time I listen to Mozart?s music I remember my parish church where, when I was a boy, ;his music was played at Mass on feasts days.”

The pope also used this music to reflect on death, a recurring theme in the work of Mozart.

To evoke it, Benedict XVI read a paragraph from the last letter that Mozart wrote to his father in 1787.

Benedict XVI“Over several years I have become so familiar with this sincere friend of man, death, that I no longer find his image terrifying, but reassuring and comforting.”

Pope said that in the music of Mozart it can be perceived a glimmer of the beauty of Heaven, which gives hope to the suffering and death. An unforgettable concert of Benedict XVI?s favorite composer.