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Cardinal Newman: A Catholic admired by Anglicans

In 1841 the University of Oxford and 42 Anglican bishops condemned one his works for being too Catholic. Newman withdrew and began to undertake independent research into the contents of the faith. Three years later he became Catholic.

In 1889 Pope Leo XIII appointed him a cardinal. Soon afterwards, at the age of 89, he died in Birmingham.

Jack ValeroSpokesman for the beatification of Cardinal Newman“Summing up his ideas at the end of his life, he said of himself that for decades he had fought against religious liberalism; against the idea that one religion is as good as another; against the idea that to chose the true religion one must be guided by one?s emotions, as if there were no true religion”.

Cardinal Newman is also highly appreciated by the Anglicans, who celebrate his feast day on 11 August.According to his biographers, John Henry Newman ; is an important historical figure because he was able to provide answers to a world that was becoming progressively more secularized, and because he was a pioneer of relations between faith and reason. Perhaps this is the reason that one of his greatest admirers is Benedict XVI.

Jack ValeroSpokesman for the beatification of Cardinal Newman“Benedict XVI has studied the figure of Newman for decades and understood that he could be a good vehicle to speak to twenty-first-century man about the Catholic Church and the faith in general”.

Another curious aspect is the miracle that was presented to obtain the beatification. Everything began with a television programme transmitted in the year 2000. At that time Jack Sullivan, of Boston, suffered a serious ailment of the spinal column and was practically an invalid.

Jack ValeroSpokesman for the beatification of Cardinal Newman. Original English“Jack Sullivan was watching a programme on the EWTN channel on 26 June 2000. Having heard the priest speak about Cardinal Newman, he said: “Cardinal Newman, ?please can you cure me of my pains so that I can be ordained a deacon??, and his illness disappeared immediately”.

However, according to the spokesman for the beatification of Cardinal Newman, most of his miracles are spiritual, and especially include the conversion of intellectuals.