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Rome Reports

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White and with Tuxedo: Newlyweds Visit Pope at the Vatican

Sophie and Bertrand Michels (French Guyana)

We get married last April and we live in French Guyana so it is in South America, so we couldn?t come here just after our weeding but we wanted to get this blessing of the pope, so we wrote this letter and when we knew we came in Europe to be blessed by his Holiness.”

Melanie and Mariano Barbato (Germany)

We got married last month in our hometown in a church but for us was important to come here to see the Pope in Rome and for me was the first time I see the Pope so it is really great.”

To do this is simple, the Vatican?s website explains how to apply. Simply fill out a form and have a little patience.

Sophie y Bertrand Michels (French Guyana)

"We wrote on the prefecture of the Vatican and you had to wrote 2 weeks before, then you receive the answer. But you can also fax your letter too."

Sophie and Bertrand Michels come from French Guyana, and Melanie and Mariano Barbato from Germany. Coming to the meet with the Pope in their wedding outfits is a chance to relive those memorable moments, but in the presence of thousands of people in St. Peter?s Square.

Sophie y Bertrand Michels (French Guyana)

It is very beautiful, great. To be married was important for us, and to have the benediction of his holiness was also important because we are catholic and the church is a bit of our reason to live so it is a very important reason. We are very pleased to be here today.”

A unique moment for couples who come to Rome from around the world to ask the Pope to help keep their love alive.