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Rome Reports

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Domus Australia in Rome will have a chapel dedicated to Mary MacKillop

Card. George Pell

Archbishop of Sydney (Australia) ;

If they come as tourists we hope that will return as pilgrims with their faith strengthened and a deeper knowledge of Catholic traditions.”

Kevin Rudd

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Australia ;

From the governments point of view, we think that it?s a fantastic thing what the Catholic Church of Australia is doing here in Rome.”

The central focus of this shrine will be this altar dedicated to the Virgin of Pompeii. ;

It has eight side chapels, some with representations of St. Peter Chanel who was a member of the Marist Order. This church, which was completed in 1889, previously belonged to the Society of Mary.

The structure?s new owners will adorn the residence with important figures from their country. There willl be portraits of Irish Saints, since they brought Catholisicm to the South Pacific Island. As well as English saints, in honor of the first archbishop of Sydney who was from Great Britain. ;

And it will most certainly have an image of the country?s first saint, Mary MacKillop, as well as Pope John Paul the Second, Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Cardenal Van Thuan because part of his family lived in Australia. ;

Card. George Pell

Archbishop of Sydney (Australia)

“This chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of Pompeii and now that we have restored the ancient frescoes … they are starting to emerge and I have been surprised at just how beautiful they are”.

Santiago Hernández

Architect, ;Domus Australia ;

One important part of the restoration process consisted of eliminating all this and returning all this decor to their origins. And also cleaning all this dust, there has been a lot that has accumulated over the years.” ; ;

Pilgrims will sleep in a room like this. The hotel will be able to house a capacity of about 80 guests. This also includes a conference room able to fit up to 150 people and a large terrace for eating out in the open. ;

The archbishops of Perth and Melbourne will also visit the Domus Australia. ;

Arch. Barry Hickey

Archbishop of Perth (Australia)

I think it will be a wonderful center for pilgrims. Perhaps someone would like to stay here, others would like to come here, use the chapel, meet other friends here.”

Arch. Denis Hart

Archbishop of Melbourne (Australia)

I think the transformation from the old building to the new is just magnificent and it will be a wonderful place for tourists and pilgrims to come to.” ;

All of these Australian Catholic leaders say this hotel is not just reserved for Catholics. This is a place that can unite all Australians who flock to the heart of Christianity. ;