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Sister of Cardinal Van Thuan recalls stories of her brother

Tien Therese Sister of Cardinal Van Thuan “In the family, I?ve never see him angry with us, even if we said things wrong or criticized, he always find the way to tell us to look things in a a positive way, to be kind to people.”Francois-Xavier Van Thuan was a nature lover. When he was named cardinal, he brought a bonsai tree with him to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. ; His other main hobby was cooking. ; His specialty was cooking with vegetables and fish. Tien Therese Sister of Cardinal Van Thuan “He loves cooking also. Sometimes he has time, he loves to cook for my mother. Just simple, cooks for his general seminarian and cook for, invite people to come.”But those happy days ended when Monsignor Van Thuan was arrested by the Vietcong, months after being appointed bishop of Saigon.His family was forced to flee the country and his sister Tien, moved with some of family members to Australia. ; During the 13 years that her brother was in prison, nine of which were in solitary confinement, they received little news of his condition.Tien Therese Sister of Cardinal Van Thuan “Some times, to times, some organizations like charity or Critas, they came to visit Vietnam and give all the, gives like medicine, food and they ask to see is if my brother is still alive. That person was able to talk to him”. Every time they received news on Van Thaun, his mother and the rest of his family gathered to pray the rosary and thank God that he was safe.On November 21, 1988 the long-awaited news of his release finally arrived. ; Francois-Xavier called one of his sisters to tell her the day he?d be released. ;Tien Therese Sister of Cardinal Van Thuan “My sister said to my parents: today bishop come to visit you and my parents dress up and then my brother knock at the door and coming and my mother was so happy and my father couldn?t speak.”Tien Therese keeps the shoes her brother wore while he was in prison. But the most meaningful memento she keeps is his enduring optimism and his inextinguishable will in fighting for justice. ;PVB/AEAMGDP-WP-