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"Apostolic visitation" to Ireland starts

The Apostolic visitators or inspectors sent by the Pope, must finish their work by mid April 2011 to evaluate the effectiveness of the present procedures in place to deal with cases of abuse and provide assistance to the victims. Their work is not an investigation into individual cases of abuse or of assessing past events. The four visitators in charge of the diocese will meet with any abuse victims who request it. ;New York?s archbishop, Timothy Dolan, in charge of "visiting" Ireland seminaries will meet personally with each seminarian, teacher and priest ordained in the last three years. ;Four other visitators will investigate the situation in religious houses, convents and monasteries. In May 2011 the Vatican will publish the results of the visit and will suggest a plan for the Church of Ireland.The visit is part of the Pope?s request to the bishops of Ireland in February 2010 when he called on them to address the problems of the past with determination and resolve, and with honesty and courage. JMB RR JM -BN