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Pope stresses need for sustainable agriculture

Benedict XVI“There is a need to strive towards a collaborative effort in establishing a new equilibrium between agriculture, industry and services, so that development is sustainable and so no one goes without bread, a job, air or water.”His remarks were made in light of last week?s G20 inconclusive summit in Seoul, which ended without a means to an end to ongoing currency wars and a streamlined plan on sustainable economic growth. Benedict XVI ; backed developing countries, saying that industrialization has contributed its know-how and technology to the agriculture industry but its rise has depleted the natural resources of the world?s poorest nations.Benedict XVI“The most dynamic economies are tempted to make advantageous alliances that overall, can have damaging results for other poorer states, prolonging extreme mass poverty of men and women and diminish natural resources of the earth.”As demand for natural goods from developing and emerging nations continue to rise, prices of crucial crops that feed the world?s hungry, like corn, are up nearly 40% this year. ;In his speech, the Pope commended recent college graduates who are opting to pursue careers in sustainable agriculture to ensure a healthy tomorrow. SC/CTV--BN