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The Vatican is slated to discuss a more "humane" health care system

The Vatican claims that while access to medicine has been a right since 1948, now 62 years ago, it is still not a reality for everyone. Bishop Zygmunt ZimowskiPresident, Pontifical Council for Health Workers“In the title of this conference there are two very important words: egalitarian and humane. And it?s not just structures, but structures within the human being that must be seen as a subject of healing. However, there are still great inequalities among people.”

P. Maurizio FaggioniBioethics Professor, Alfonsiana Academy of Rome“We want to see justice that is truly human, that respects human values, especially dignity because there is not really progress without deep profound respect for human life.”The experts will also address the importance of humane treatment toward patients, which is considered the foundation of medicine. They will also consider how to prevent the use of technology, which turns patients into objects. ; P. Maurizio FaggioniBioethics Professor, Alfonsiana Academy of Rome

“Health is the goodness of the person and you can not isolate the physical health from the psychological welfare of the individual. Not all answers can come from technology and medicine. Be aware that it is always human beings with lives, hopes and fears.”Participants intend to promote a worldwide health care system that makes individuals a priority and allows universal access to a doctor.PVB/AEFF / PMJM-BN-