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Rome Reports

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Benedict XVI receives the Anglican Leader Rowan Williams

The Pope spoke a few minutes with the Anglican leader. They last met in September of this year, during the Pope?s visit to the UK. This was the first time Benedict XVI visited the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Lambeth Palace. ; During his short stay in Rome, Williams proposed said that both churches should focus on forging ecumenical dialogue on themes like Eucharistic theology. In order to find a common ground, he said, religious groups like the Catholic and Anglican churches should join forces in finding solutions to issues facing Christianity.Arch. Rowan Williams (ORIGINAL ENGLISH)There are parts of my own communion and other historic communions of the Reformation, in which Eucharistic theology, seems to have slipped away from a prior position. We therefore need urgent work on the common Eucharist.” The Anglican primate said that ecumenical dialogue is the responsibility of the bishops and one of the biggest problems is that they are unwilling to recognize each other. ; Before leaving, he expressed his appreciation for the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity?s work and asked that their efforts continue. PVB/AE AM / CTV GDP -WP