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Pope will preside over massive global prayer for life

Benedict XVIANGELUS NOV 14, 2010“On Saturday November 27, at the Basilica of Saint Peter, I will preside over the First Vespers of the First Sunday of Advent and a prayer vigil for the unborn. It is a joint initiative with local churches around the world, I have advised that they be held in parishes, religious communities, associations and movements.”As Christmas preparations begin, the Pope chose the first Sunday of Advent to pray for life.Benedict XVIANGELUS NOV 14, 2010“The time of preparation for Christmas is an opportune moment to invoke divine protection upon every human being called into existence, also to thank God for the gift of life received from our parents.”Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, says this has been a personal initiative of the Pope, proposing that all episcopal conferences worldwide celebrate together. Card. Ennio AntonelliPresident, Pontifical Council for the Family“The Pope thought of making a moment of common prayer throughout the Church for all to pray with the same intention.”According to Cardinal Antonelli, with this prayer the Pope wants to increase the sense of responsibility, care, and attention to human life from conception to natural death.Card. Ennio AntonelliPresident, Pontifical Council for the Family“It?s asking God to increase the sense of responsibility for the care of human life from conception to natural death. ; Especially with the unborn life which is the embryo in the womb of the mother, as well as babies in general. ; It?s also to increase accountability and respect for every person, especially for the weak and innocent.”In Rome, Benedict XVI will preside over the prayer vigil at the Basilica of Saint Peter with families throughout Italy.Card. Ennio AntonelliPresident, Pontifical Council for the Family“We think that the basilica will be full, in a great sign of communion with the Pope. ; Among those attending will be many families with young children and carriages, which is a material sign of nascent life, tenderness, and the care that unborn life deserves.”This prayer vigil includes the prayers of Vespers, a procession of the Virgin, the rosary and the consideration of some text raised by the Pontifical Council for the Family. ; Episcopal Conferences of France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the United States have confirmed they will join the initiative to be part of the thousands of Catholics who pray with the Pope for the life of the unborn.BR/AEAMHC-WP