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Prison inmates send Pope a special Christmas gift

Fr. Federico Lombardi Vatican SpokesmanThe Pope receives Christmas greetings from all over the world, from lots of Catholics that love him. He also receives small gifts. Often, they are also symbolic gifts that demonstrate the affection of the faithful and their spiritual closeness.” This year, some gifts stand out among all the rest. Five prisoners from a maximum security prison in the northern Italian city of Padua, sent the Pope 232 panettoni, a typical Italian holiday cake that the prisoners made themselves. The Pope will share them with his closest colleagues and other members of the Roman Curia. Other presents this Christmas will be a series of films about fictional priest Don Camillo e Peppone, given to him from the town of Brescello. Benedict XVI was quoted as saying in the recent book “Light of the World” that he really liked the comical series. These are just a few presents the Pope will share with what is called the “Pontifical Family”. PVB/SC AM HC-BN-