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Rome Reports

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Pueri Cantores: Children choirs sing for Pope at Vatican

Benedict XVI“Always remember that your singing is a service. Firstly, it is a service to God, a way of giving Him the praise that is due. It is also a service to your fellow worshippers, helping them to raise their hearts and minds to the Lord in prayer.”The Pueri Cantores is made up of boys and girls who sing in choirs in 35 countries, 93 of those choirs were present in Rome. ; In total around 40,000 children are part of the the federation. ; ;“I know that it?s a Catholic organization, it?s Catholic choirs from around the world, so our choir is a member of it, and it?s one festival out of many that we go to.”The groups 36th congress held a special significance for many of them because they were able to perform for the Pope. ;“It was really great, it was amazing, I was so happy, all my friends were screaming because we were so excited to see him.”“It was wonderful, it was so amazing, we took pictures, and everyone took pictures, it?s a lifetime experience.”The group was founded on the idea that singing is an instrument for worshiping God. ;The Pope reminded the children that in music we are able to express God?s love. ; He also mentioned Saint Augustine, who famously said “those who sing pray twice as hard.” ;