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Pope receives the Emmanuel Community, one of the fastest growing Catholic movements

Benedict XVI

In the spirit of your charisma, I exhort you to develop your spiritual life, giving pride of place to the personal meeting with Christ, Emmanuel, God with us.”

The audience with the Pope was held to mark three important anniversaries for this Catholic movement. ;

Bruno Pouzoullic

Emmanuel Community

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of our community. It also marks 20 years since the death of our founder, Pierre Goursat, whose canonization is underway. ;It has also been 30 years since the launch of our NGO FIDESCO.”

While recognizing their work, the Pope asked them to continue helping parishes and bring more people to Eucharistic Adoration. ;

Bruno Pouzoullic

Emmanuel Community

The main message that the Pope has given us is that we gather in adoration of the Eucharist, which is where grace comes from. We are also encouraged to bear witness with our community of fraternal life and has encouraged us to evangelize the world.”

The Emmanuel Community has around 9,000 members, spread across 57 countries. The largest community is in France, where the movement originated. It?s members include lay people and priests, as well as other consecrated men and women.