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Four women explain why they chose to become consecrated

Sister Leticia CarranzaSisters of Mary Immaculate“It?s the simple life, living with and among the people, to share simple and normal things in life and to be a presence for Jesus, doing good among the youth especially.”Sister Olaya GonzálezSisters of Mary Immaculate"It?s a process of humanization, a path in which life and the Lord will make me more human." Sister Sheela Pushparaj Sisters of Mary Immaculate“The prayers, the way we pray to communicate with God” FLASH (00,19,23) “The sisters, the simplicity of the sisters.”Sister Maria Luisa GarciaGeneral counsel of the Religious of Mary Immaculate "Certainly that is the result of a thorough encounter with Jesus, that seduces you into one of its facets, because of this you are able to spend life enjoying it. " "Religious life is like a mosaic of different facets of the personality of Jesus: serving children, the elderly, speaking about mercy, charity, and justice. And every congregation charismatically emphasizes these dimensions of Jesus.” The religious add to the instruction they share in common with all Catholics: the three evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience. Their day to day life is a reflection of this. ; ;Sister Leticia CarranzaSisters of Mary Immaculate"We get up at 6.30 and at seven we go to the Eucharist. We have common prayer and then the morning prayer of Lauds, as well as personal prayer. We have breakfast and then each of us goes to the mission entrusted to us. " “We eat together and then we dedicate the afternoon to our mission. After this we usually pray together and then have a moment of personal prayer which we consider very important because we have a strong mission for which we gather strength from prayer.” The consecrated religious lead a life within the Catholic Church through two types of institutions: one is an Order, for those who make perpetual vows, and the other is a Congregation, for vows that are temporary.They live with their work in a community where they find the help necessary to develop and grow as people who are consecrated to God. Sister Leticia CarranzaSisters of Mary Immaculate“I think that God called me and I?ve answered him. In this congregation in particular, I don?t know why, but something attracted me and I am very happy with my vocation”. Sister Maria Luisa GarciaGeneral counsel of the Religious of Mary Immaculate “Religious life has the challenge to discover what signs are significant in today?s world within it?s charisma and our vocation.”Whether their numbers are few or many, the religious display a special way of giving themselves to God and helping to introduce people to the Lord. ;