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Sisters of Life, a religious order that helps women facing questions of abortion

Sister Maris Stella Sisters of Life (New York City)New Yorkers are just wonderful people, they have a great love for the city and great traditions for the city, it?s a Catholic city in many ways with so many churches and many religious and many wonderful things happening there.” Working as a nun can present many obstacles, especially in the city that is known as the abortion capital of America. With one out of every ten abortions in the United States occurring in New York, 70% of these take place in the city. The Sisters of Life spend much of their time talking with young women who are pregnant and are considering an abortion. They also speak with women who may have already undergone the procedure and are looking for someone to speak with. Sister Mariae Agnus Dei Sisters of Life (New York City)As sisters we have a great privilege of receiving these women and just listening to them. What?s your story? How are you? You know, often times we?re the first people to ask how are you, how are you? We have coworkers, over 10,000 just in the tri-state area, that help us to help these women, whether it?s someone to take them out for a cup of tea, just to be a support, to be a friend. These girls, the only sister they had ever seen is in Sister Act.” ; When joining the sisterhood, nuns take the traditional three vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. The Sisters of Life however have taken a fourth vow to protect and enhance the sacredness of human life. They say that every human being is unique and unrepeatable as well being created in the image of God. Sister Maris Stella Sisters of Life (New York City)The way that vow manifests itself in our lives is we serve women who are in crisis pregnancy situations, who are in need of our assistance. And then we serve women who have suffered from abortions, through retreats of healing and also just speaking to them in helping them to know the mercy of God.” The Sisters of Life include 70 nuns that come from across the US, Canada, and New Zealand. That means in a city of 8 million people, they have plenty of new faces to reach out to everyday. AE FF, Sisters of Life JM JMBN