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Vatican consults the bishops of the world on the New Evangelization

Msgr. Nikola EterovicGeneral Secretary, Synod of Bishops“The New Evangelization is directed especially towards those who are baptized and legally members of the Church, but who for various reasons have moved away from religious practice.”This is the first period of work prior to the synod. The draft is already in the episcopal conferences worldwide and will have to return with notes and suggestions for drafting the final working paper. Mons. Nikola EterovicSecretary General, Synod of Bishops“Another document will be drawn up from their answers, which will be the ?Working Document? which the October 2012 synod of bishops will work on.”Archbishop Eterovic said that the bishops were not primarily “looking to increase the number of Christians, but to improve their quality of faith.” To prepare for the synod, the bishops have been working in close collaboration with the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, which was created in September 2010. Some of the topics to be addressed at the synod are the increasing secularization of the West, immigation policy, economic, scientific, and technological research, and the media.Mons. Nikola EterovicSecretary General, Synod of Bishops“Media is one of the main challenges of the New Evangelization. The Church must improve in the technical and digital realm. As the Holy Father said when he addressed the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, it is a new field that the Church must engage for the New Evangelization.”There have been great social, cultural, and religious changes in the world that have presented a challenge to the Church. This synod aims to remind European Christians of the importance of their Christian roots.BR/AE/RDFFHCPN