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Rome Reports

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Vatican promotes cooperation between Catholic media organizations

Msgr. Paul Tighe Secretary, Pontifical Council for Social CommuncationsHow are all of these going to work together in the context of new media where their distinct productions will probably fuse together. So, we are looking at the synergies that can be brought about, we are looking at how we can improve content by being able to share it, so we are really trying to develop new, more collaborative means of working together as a Church to make the best use of all those resources we have had over the centuries.” Greater collaboration, Monsignor Tighe said, also means learning what kinds of content can transfer across cultures, because evangelical media that is effective in one culture may not be in another. Monsignor Tighe also noted that the plenary members had been motivated by the efforts in media of ordinary Catholics worldwide. Msgr. Paul Tighe Secretary, Pontifical Council for Social CommuncationsOne of the things we find very encouraging is the extraordinary initiatives of various lay people and various organizations are taking globally. So, it?s not that here in Rome we are going to come up with one master plan. No, a lot of our work is identifying what is happening at the local level, seeing what is working, why is it working, seeing also what doesn?t work, so we learn from that and we learn how we can be effectively present in the new media.” The synergy created by greater collaboration, many believe, will forward the work of the New Evangelization.