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Filipino bishops concerned over proposed bill on responsible parenthood

Card. Gaudencio RosalesArchbishop of Manila (Philippines)“There are of course holes in that proposed bill whereby the life is threatened and the life in the womb of the mother is threatened. In other words, these abortive bills and the mechanical contraceptive devices that they use both for men and women, the Church confronted this and tells us blankly that this is not the right way to approach responsible parenthood.” The proposed bill, known as the “Document on responsible parenthood” or as the “Reproductive Health Act,” promotes population control through the use of contraceptives and voluntary sterilization.Filipino bishops have criticized the law for speaking about reproductive health when referring to artificial contraception which can cause abortions, such as the morning after pill. Card. Gaudencio RosalesArchbishop of Manila (Philippines) “First of all, it?s a threat to life because the life is already there, in the womb of the mother. And the use of these contraptions, they will threaten the life that has already begun. Number two, the Church in the Philippines like the Philippine culture, is very much in favor of life and family life among all things.” This bill states that the ideal size for a family is two children and encourages couples to limit their offspring, although they are not required to do so. To achieve this, the legislative measure provides for the establishment of a local office on population in each municipality. Card. Gaudencio RosalesArchbishop of Manila (Philippines) “Anyone who knows Philippine culture, especially Philippine Christian culture would say ; that the family is the most important sector of society and any threat to weaken the family, the Church will always fight against it. There are things that are not negotiable when we talk about family life.” Along with the Church, pro-life associations and communities of different religions have organized a March for Life against the draft on March 26, one day after the Day of the Unborn Child.