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2011 UNIV Congress will pay special respects to John Paul II

Agnes CsimmaPresident, 2011 UNIV Congress"Our idea is to put a stand in St. Peter?s Square on Palm Sunday where the participants can go and they can say what they think about JPII, whether they would like to thank him, or have a short thought about his pontificate or what he gave to young people. And then we would like to put all these messages and thoughts into writing and we will do a book of all these testimonies and we will give it to the Holy Father on Wednesday?s audience to thank him for the beatification of JPII and also to thank him for all the encouragement that he still gives to young people to live their faith with decision."UNIV is an international conference that every year gathers thousands of young people in the Eternal City to discuss current issues. This year they will reflect on how “to live freedom with decision.”Agnes CsimmaPresident,2011 UNIV Congress"Freedom is one of the most topical issues of nowadays it is enough to turn on the television or to start to read a newspaper and then one of the first topics you find is freedom. Freedom of countries, freedom of people, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, but this freedom that we read about in newspapers is only the surface of freedom because this freedom is the consequence of our interior, personal freedom."The UNIV Congress is celebrating it?s 42nd anniversary. This year?s conference will include more than 3,000 students from 200 universities around the world. Agnes CsimmaPresident, 2011 UNIV Congress"Everybody is invited, so there is not such a restriction or requirement that you have to be Christian. There are many people who are coming and not all are Christians."University students, that include Christians and non-Christians from across the globe, will get together to discuss how they can make the world a better place. They will travel to the Eternal City to live in the heart of Christianity during the most important days of Holy Week. BR/AEEPGDP-BN