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Campaign to pray rosary on Saturdays boosts support for WYD 2011 in Madrid

Father James Phalan is leading the campaign and says that it?s being especially aimed towards young people.Fr. James PhalanDirector, Family Rosary International“We?re very convinced of the importance of the rosary among young people, helping teach young people how to take a few minutes everyday for some privacy because everybody always has something in their ear and noise coming in at every side and we?re all running around so crazy that we know we need some peace, let?s go and spend some time with the Lord.”Father Phalan believes that World Youth Days are a great way to awaken and deepen faith for young people from every corner of the globe.He plans to reach out to them by spreading his message to pray the rosary through different social networks. Fr. James PhalanDirector, Family Rosary International“We?ll be driving it through facebook, through mobile phones, through apps that people can download through their phones, ways that people can learn more about the rosary through an experience that people can pray and meditate with other people or in contemplating icons.”John Paul II called the rosary his favorite prayer and the campaign “Firm in the Faith with Mary” will begin after his beatification of May 1. Those who are interested in spreading this message can visit their website at firminfaith.org.AEEPHC-BN