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Beatification vs Canonization

In the case of John Paul II, his beatification was considered after Marie Simon-Pierre, a french nun, was cured of Parkinson?s disease. ; ; Cardinal José Saraiva Martins

Prefect Emeritus, ;Congregation for the Causes of Saints.“There should be verification if the cure is unexplainable. It?s a miracle when they have three characteristics. It has to be instant, comprehensive and lasting.”Beatification is the first stage which allows the person to arrive at the altars and be venerated in his diocese. For the canonization a second miracle must be proven. Cardinal José Saraiva MartinsPrefect Emeritus, Congregation for the Causes of Saints.“Holiness is the union between God and one person. Therefore the need of a miracle is not to verify the sanctity of the person, but more the small way in which God confirms that person is holy, that they are in communion with God.” Canonization, is a formal papal decree that says a candidate was holy and is now in heaven with God. That statement is made with papal infallibility. It allows public remembrance of the saint at liturgies throughout the church. ; It also means that churches can be dedicated to the person without special Vatican permission. ;