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New Study: 55% of Americans greatly admire John Paul II

Carl AndersonSupreme Knight, Knights of Columbus“It was clear he loved America and also he represented the kind of life of a Christian that people admire."A new study undertaken by the Knights of Columbus, shows 74 percent of Americans believe John Paul II is a good candidate for beatification. Even more, close to 60 percent believe he was one of the best or the best pope in Church history. Carl Anderson Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus“Whether it was the vigor of a young pope or the suffering and endurance of an elderly pope, he was a witness to what it is to live a Christian life."As a universal leader, it wasn?t just Catholics who were inspired by John Paul II. According to the survey, which includes over twelve hundred adults, even those outside the Church, were encouraged by him. Carl Anderson Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus“Four in ten Americans say he helped their spiritual life in a very positive way.”At times, Carl Anderson from the Knights of Columbus, worked with ; John Paul II during his pontificate. He remembers how, the great pope embodied Christian values wholeheartedly, without limits or reservationsCarl Anderson Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus“He was very clear. He loved his neighbor as himself. He forgave the man who tried to kill him. He went to the wall in Jerusalem and asked for forgiveness. He was a person of reconciliation.”With his coming beatification, thousands of Americans are planning on visiting the Vatican to honor, thank and venerate John Paul II.KLHAMJMPR