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Vatican reaches out to bloggers and discuss mutual relationship

Thomas Peters is a young American blogger. He says meetings like this one will help improve dialogue with the Church. Thomas PetersBlogger, American Papist“I think it?s a good step to kind of normalizing the relationship between the the Catholic blogging world and the Church. I think there?s a little bit of misinterpretation on both sides, so I think having us together in the same room is a really useful way to have a more fruitful conversation in general.” Many of these bloggers have a large number of followers on their websites. Rocco Palmo is the author of “Whispers in the Loggia,” which receives around 25 thousand visitors per month. He believes that even though social networks have their own place in the Church, it still can?t replace receiving the Sacrament. Rocco Palmo Blogger, Whispers in the Loggia“So many people are doing so much more virtually that the face to face, there?s a reason as a Church we don?t allow people to go to confession over Skype or instant messenger and watching Mass on a web-stream doesn?t fulfill your obligation. It kind of takes us out of the digital so we can make it stronger and really make a genuine Catholic contribution to it.” The bloggers were made up of non-Catholics as well as the Catholic laity and a handful of priests and nuns who have their own blogs. They think it?s a good way to reach out to youth for the coming World Youth Day and spread the message of the Gospel to people who may have never heard it. Antonio Gonzalez Blogger, catinfor.comWe have a forum on World Youth Day, where a lot of people write asking about hotels, travel arrangements, and what the event will be like. And there is a separate website for the youth where we put news from the official website but done by us.” James Bradley Seminarian, “Ordinariate Portal”“I think it?s a very important way of getting the gospel out to people, it?s a way which is accessible, it?s a way in which people who don?t come to the Church, who aren?t part of the Church, can easily access information about it.” The Vatican said it held the meeting with these bloggers not to try and control their writing but rather to develop a relationship with them and a code of conduct. In the end, both sides agreed that they would need each other. AESNHC BN