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Cardinal Damasceno gives statue of John Paul II to seminarians

Card. Raymundo Damasceno Arch. of Aparecida (Brazil) "With these two appointments I had the opportunity to work more closely with Pope John Paul II. I consider these encounters like a true grace." John Paul II visited Brazil several times. During those trips, the now Cardinal Damasceno was always by his side. In each visit, the Pope?s message to the country with the most Catholics in Latin America, was very clear. Card. Raymundo Damasceno Arch. of Aparecida (Brazil) “Priestly vocations worried him very much. He always thought that Brazil could have more priests, that were more qualified, more holy, more numerous to better serve our country from a pastoral point of view. " Cardinal Damasceno has great respect and devotion for the now blessed. So much so, he uses the Polish pope as priestly model for Brazilian seminarians. Card. Raymundo Damasceno Arch. of Aparecida (Brazil) "I ordered a statue of Pope John Paul II for the seminary chapel. So, as of May 1, it will serve as a model for future priests, for our seminarians who are being trained to be good priests. We hope God can intervene through him and help us, help our archdiocese and the entire Church.”It?s a devotion that stretches around the world, ; through all continents John Paul II visited.