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Rome Reports

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Rome expected to welcome one million pilgrims for JOSP Fest

It?s organized by the largest Italian organization for pilgrims, that is part of of the Vicariate of Rome.Msgr. Liberio AndreattaVice President, Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi“By the fact of entering a territory and immersing oneself in an encounter with others, and especially by making an inner journey, you can discover God.” The festival plans to hold a number of activities such as outdoor events for the pilgrims as well as meetings between 80 different organizations that work in the field of tourism and will discuss the future of the industry. Concerts ; by the Grand Master Jose Carreras and Ambrogio Sparagna will be held in front of Rome?s Spanish Steps.This year?s theme is celebrating the pilgrim lifestyle and promoting dialogue and crossing borders.The organizers are reaching out to pilgrims of all ages, from young adults to seniors, but all with a sense of adventure. Fr. Caesar Atuire CEO, Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi“I think we?re going to have many young people and many young adults. There will also be a number of older persons. For example, you see in the pilgrimage world there is room for everybody.” JOSP Fest will host a number of different musicians, concerts in Piazza Navona will include Mozart, Jazz music, as well as Reggae from Senegal. The event is expected to bring over a million pilgrims to the Eternal City. Inviting not only the wanderlust but also those looking for a spiritual inspiration. AEAM-BN