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Vatican analyzes how to help AIDS patients

The Vatican?s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone gave the opening remarks. He said that focusing on the patient, should go further than providing just medical needs. But rather, the patient?s other problems should also be addressed. Giuliano Rizzardini Luigi Sacco Hospital, Milan (Italy) "When the person who brings home the bread is ill, the family goes without food. So, addressing the whole person also means helping them in their problems. Helping him with a good diet, that along with therapy, can if not cure the disease, at least improve the patient?s health.”The Catholic Church runs 117,000 health centers that treat AIDS patients all over the worldAccording to the World Health Organization, in 2009 nearly $16 million were used ; for AIDS research and treatments.About 200 experts from 26 countries attended this meeting. Together they analyzed ways to offer patients in developing countries, the most effective drug, called anti-retrovirals. Giuliano Rizzardini Luigi Sacco Hospital, Milan (Italy) "The key is to not to find a treatment, but also spreading that treatment as much as possible. ; Therefore it?s necessary that the drugs are low in cost, especially in the southern countries of the world. " Currently, only 35 percent of patients in third world countries have access to treatment. That means roughly 10 million people don?t have access to any type of medication. It?s a situation, thousands of doctors and the Catholic Church struggle with every day. ;BR/KLHFFPN