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Hungary: a country with a pro-life constitution

Grégor PuppinckDirector, European Center for Law and Justice“There are many debates in Europe over values. What are the values of Europe? What do we believe in? Hungary has given us a strong message, that values such as family, life, Christianity are important.”These type of posters have been spotted throughout the capital. They show the image of an unborn child saying “I understand you are not ready to welcome me in your life, but give me to an adoption service. Let me live.”Grégor PuppinckDirector, European Center for Law and Justice“It shows that Europe is not only pro-abortion, pro modern. The new constitution, reinforces this positive approach of European Culture.”Since the collapse of communism in the late 1980?s Hungary has been hoping for a new constitution. But some question the true motives. In Hungary birth rates are low. They average about 1.3 per woman. But, a ratio of 2.1 is needed to maintain the country?s population afloat. Grégor PuppinckDirector, European Center for Law and Justice“The critics mainly come from some NGO?s, which are often not based in Hungary at all. They are based in France, U.K and the United States. So it?s critics from abroad.”As Hungary faces an economic, demographic and cultural crisis, supporters hope this new constitution will strengthen the country and maybe motivate other nations to follow a similar pattern. As a first step, this government campaign is hoping to promote adoption instead of abortion. KLHAMBN