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U.S Bishops release first statement on physician assisted suicide

The report says, assisted suicide “doesn?t ; promote compassion because its focus is not on eliminating suffering, but on eliminating the patient.” According to the document, true compassion comes with meeting the patients needs and recognizing their equal worth. It also says assisted suicide creates a culture of confusion, where society contradicts itself by accepting the assisted suicide of some patients, while trying to prevent the suicide of others. The six page report also argues, it can lead to dangerous consequences. Although some argue it?s a way to face “death with dignity,” the USCCB says that notion is false. ; American Bishops fear, ultimately doctors may use it as an excuse to deny better health care to seriously ill patients. Despite the fear many people have in facing death, the report says, “when people are tempted to see their own lives as diminished in value or meaning, they most need the love and assistance of others to assure them of their inherit worth.”KLHRRJMBN