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University takes on project to investigate and solve family issues

The institute has taken on several investigations that deal with teenagers, parenting and family life in today?s modern time. One of the investigations concluded that parents, not peers have the biggest influence on teen?s lives. They want to see their parents as role models, not as friends. Paúl Corcuera Director Instituto de Ciencias para la Familia, Universidad de Piura (Peru)“The role of parents is key. Even though it seems like parents are loosing control in today?s world, youths still believe that their parent?s opinion is very important. They do take it into account.”One of the studies is based on the life style of 3,000 youths from 13 to 18 years old. The findings showed that their family structure had a direct effect on their school work and also their lives in general. Instilling values in them from early on also had an impact.Paúl Corcuera Director Instituto de Ciencias para la Familia, Universidad de Piura (Peru)“When youngsters have a strong family foundation, then they will be better citizens, with clearer ideas. They?ll also be able to offer a lot more to society. That entire process needs to start with a strong family unit.”The institute has shared some of its findings with ; government agencies and other family institutes. ; Even though these studies have been done in Peru, some of findings seem to be universal. Similar studies have also been done in Argentina, Italy, Spain and Colombia. The Institute will also share its findings with the Whiterspoon Institute in Princeton, New Jersey. KLHAM-PR