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First ever maternity home for college students to open in US

This new maternity home will provide new mothers a place to stay while they continue their education. Ashley & ChristianResidents, Room at the Inn“I?m very very grateful and I?m so happy to be here. If there are women that are meant to be there, then they?ll be there. God will put them there.”In the past 15 years, Room At The Inn has helped provide housing for 440 women and their new families. They have also reached out to thousands more, teaching classes on life skills, and providing baby food and other supplies. Jeannie WrayExecutive Director, Room at the Inn“There are so many single mothers out there who have so much to offer and their children have futures that can impact you and me. We just don?t know it yet.” By helping these young mothers with financial assistance and a career path, Room At the Inn hopes to give women what they say is a “real choice” when considering abortion. ;Diane HoeflingCo-founder, Room at the InnIf we?re going to say that it?s an innocent life and we?re going to say that we care about the mothers then we also need to do something about it. And I see Room At The Inn as one of the most life affirming organizations that we have in Charlotte.” The home for new mothers will have space for 15 women and their babies. For the residents at Room At The Inn, this new home will be a place to raise their new-borns and finish their educations. AE1060 CreativeJM-BN