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Rome Reports

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Rome welcomes pilgrims before they head out to World Youth Day Madrid 2011

Steves Baoorem“From the Island, 100 of us are going. The truth is, it?s very very far. We?re from all different parts of the Island. Some of us are students, others work. We?re just stopping here in Rome before heading out to Madrid, because we found a good flight package that includes this visit.”"It?s my first visit to Rome. I?ve seen many churches, the Vatican, the Pantheon. " For this group of 100, the process of going to WYD wasn?t easy. They?ve all been saving money for ; over a year for the chance to see the Pope Benedict XVI. Steves Baoorem "Every young person had to look for funding on their own to go to World Youth Day. But then, ; on my part, as the youth leader, I also looked for sponsors and partners to help us." "Of course it has been worth it. Just the preparation we?ve gone through this last year- that alone has been worth it. We saved, we worked to make money. We?ve done many things together that ; have helped us grow spiritually." Before heading out to Madrid, the group will visit Loyola in Spain and Lourdes in France. No doubt, along the way, they?ll also take their catchy rhythm to World Youth Day 2011. BR/KLH FF HC PN