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Rome Reports

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Pope calls for peace in Syria and Libya

Benedict XVI“I renew an urgent appeal to the Syrian Authority and population, for peaceful co-existence to be restored as soon as possible and for an adequate response to the legitimate aspirations of its people, with the respect of their dignity.”

During Sunday?s Angelus, Benedict XVI also called on Libya to take on negotiations that will end the violence. Making reference to Sunday?s Gospel, the pope also said, even amid chaos, faith should always stand firm.

Benedict XVI“Often we too find ourselves caught up in the storms and tempests that fill us with anxiety, but Jesus assures us we have nothing to fear if we simply place our trust in Him.”

The pope also mentioned that even in a hefty storm, Jesus tells his disciples to have courage and not be afraid.

Benedict XVI“We hear how Jesus calms the storm and urges the disciples not to be afraid, but to put their faith in Him.”

He said the ocean symbolizes the chaos one faces in life, but the boat represents the Church, guided by the apostles. ;