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He was a Cardinal and a journalist, now Ángel Herrera Oria could soon become a saint

Silvia Correale Postulator, Herrera Oria Cause for Canonization "He became a key figure in Spain and in the newspaper called “El Debate,” where he worked as a director. A group of his friends and fellow priests founded the newspaper which had a very high intellectual level.”He was born in Santander, Spain in 1886. Several of his brothers were priests but he didn?t feel that same calling....at first. ;Silvia Correale Postulator, Herrera Oria Cause for Canonization "His nephews and other family members would say that even though he wasn?t a priest, ; he was the most religious of all his brothers and everyone expected him to continue along that path." With a group of friends he ; founded the newspaper ?El Debate,? which he directed for 22 years.Silvia Correale Postulator, Herrera Oria Cause for Canonization “?The Debate?” became one of Spain?s most prestigious newspapers in the first half of the twentieth century. In fact, in 1926 one of the writers went to the Times to get more insight into the paper. The editor of the Times told him the only Spanish newspaper he read was “The Debate.”At this time, Herrera Oria began several Catholic editorials and organizations that dealt with ; different problems. He was the president of the Catholic Action movement, which defended religious freedom, agricultural unions and regionalism. He was called the "missionary of social justice." Silvia Correale Postulator, Herrera Oria Cause for Canonization "He believed the future can?t simply be improvised, but rather it depends on the formation of its citizens. On how well trained they are when responding to the problems of their country. His vocation as a priest came later in life. Although he tried to enter a seminary, pope Benedict XV and Pious XI delayed his request. They asked him to continue his work because of its quality and prestige, and also for the role it played in the formation of citizens. Eventually he was ordained at the age of 48. Six years later he became a cardinal in 1965. Silvia Correale Postulator, Herrera Oria Cause for Canonization "Paul VI made him a cardinal and made public his appointment. That pope said "It?s like giving this religious title to journalism itself.”His canonization process began in 1996 and it closed last year. Now Church officials are investigating two possible miracles performed through his intercession. His biography is also being written, which focuses on his life, including of course his virtues, reputation, journalism skills and service as a Cardinal. CB/KLHFF/ACdPHCPN