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Rome Reports

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World Youth Day Checklist

"Rest when you can and drink a lot of water.""Bring a blanket. I was in jeans and a sweater and I was still cold." "Just go to at many events as you can, because you never know what you might discover and who you will meet". "Make sure to bring good walking-shoes because we walk a lot. To give you a helping hand, here are some essentials for your backpack. If you?re not an EU citizen, be sure to request the proper visa. Find out as soon as possible where there is a Spanish consulate near you. Bring copies of your personal documents just in case you run into some bad luck and you lose some documents. When it comes to what to wear, remember that August in Madrid is usually pretty hot, so it?s best not to forget your hat, drink lots of water and maybe even get yourself a typical Spanish fan. Although it probably won?t rain in Spain?s capital in August, it wouldn?t hurt to buy yourself a rain coat just in case. World Youth Day is also a pilgramage. Bring comfortable shoes in order to get to the Vigil with the Pope ...Keep in mind you will always have the luxury of hopping on an alternative mode of transportation.If you want to wave the colors of your nation, don?t forget to bring your country?s flag. You could also bring some other item that let?s everyone know you are representing your country. You are going to be in a crowd of about one point five million people. If you want to meet your friends or get a good view of the Pope, bring some binoculars. It?s not enough just to see him, you also have to hear him. Since the Pope will speak in several languages, you might want to bring a little radio to listen to the simultaniuous translation. Remember that after the Vigil you will sleep outside under the Madrid sky. So don?t forget your mat or sleeping bag and a nice pillow. After night comes the day. So bring everything necessary to start each day as if you were in your own home. It?s a worldwide event in every sense. Wherever you turn you will have hundreds of thousands of people. And if you do leave something behind at home, you will probably meet someone who’ll be willing to give you a hand. JMB/SC/EP