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Benedict XVI World Youth Day

Benedicto XVI"I know that you as young people have great aspirations, that you want to pledge for a better world. Demonstrate this to mankind, demonstrate this to the world.”“I remember meeting kids from all over the world and it was such an enriching experience. It was almost like God was calling saying ?stopping be stupid.?”“Help to come back to the faith. Before WYD almost no one participated in catholic things but I was into my faith and WYD renewed it.”“Sydney was an amazing experience because it was the first time that I?ve seen, like so many young people for many different part of the world, together, working the same faith, believing in the same faith.”In Cologne, for a few days the cathedral was converted into the biggest tourist attraction of the city. The Pope also wanted to make a visit, where he prayed before the relics of the Three Kings.For many, the highlight of the meeting in Cologne was the Vigil with the Pope, held in the town of Marienfeld, only a few miles from Cologne.Benedict XVI spoke to them about the true path to happiness, how some ideologies can be enslaving and how to find the face of God. Three years later, in July of 2008, young people gathered once again to wait for him in the oldest city of Australia: Sydney. The Pope arrived in the bay by boat, with him were youth from all over the world. Benedicto XVI“Standing before me I see a vibrant image of the universal Church. The variety of nations and cultures from which you hail shows that indeed Christ’s Good News is for everyone; it has reached the ends of the earth”.The closing Mass of Sydney?s World Youth Day was held at the Randwick Racecourse. The Pope asked the youth to build their lives on firm foundations, using their strengths to pass them on to future generations. ; ;Benedict XVI“God has given each of you a project of love in which you will find the meaning and fullness of life, and hopes that all of you make good use of the gifts given to you, to be his witnesses in word and with one?s own example. Don?t disappoint Him.”The Mass ended Benedict XVI’s second World Youth Day. He then announced the event?s next location: Madrid. To be held in August of 2011.PVB/AECTV-WP-