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Rome Reports

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WYD Madrid 2011: Young people crowd Plaza de Cibeles to welcome the pope

The archbishop of Madrid, Antonio Maria Rouco Varela received the pope on behalf of all young people. Rouco VarelaArchbishop of Madrid“Many have been coming to Madrid with a large number of their Spanish peers after a successful pilgrimage route by the dioceses, cities and towns of Spain. Here they are, Holy Father, to enjoy this meeting with the pope as children and brothers of the Church: The new People of God that knows no bounds! They have endorsed the project and have high spiritual and apostolic hopes that the Father and Shepherd of the Universal Church proposes: that their lives are rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith!”Five young people from different parts of the world and dressed in traditional clothing greeted the pope. Each offered a welcoming gift typical of their country.The pope thanked the young people for their warm welcome to Madrid, a city the he defined as the “capital of the world?s youth.”Benedicto XVI“Through your presence and your participation in these celebrations, the name of Christ will echo throughout this great City. Let us pray that his message of hope and love will also resound in the hearts of those who are not believers or who have grown distant from the Church”. Benedict XVI also noted the importance of implementing the teachings of Jesus.Benedict XVI“Dear young people, listen to the words of the Lord that you are in ?spirit and life,? roots that nourish your being, behavior patterns from which we resemble the person of Christ, being poor in spirit, hungering for righteousness, merciful, pure of heart, peace-loving. Do it frequently every day, as with the only friend that does not disappoint and with him, we share the road of life.”The pope said that God never leaves us and is always willing to give a helping hand. He added that Christ is the bedrock that allows a solid and stable life.Benedict XVI“Dear friends, be prudent and wise, build your lives on the firm foundation that is Christ. This wisdom and prudence will guide your steps, nothing will make you tremble and your heart will be at peace.”The event ended with a hymn to the Virgin Mary and a chorus of Allelluyah.CB/AECTVHCBN