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Close friend of John Paul II, Cardinal Deskur of Poland passes away at 87

Then, the day before the conclave, Deskur suffered a stroke and the entire left side of his body was paralyzed. The day after John Paul II?s election he made a special visit to the hospital to see his friend telling the hospital staff the bishop had taught him how to be a pope. ;

After his recovery, Deskur was confirmed as an archbishop by John Paul II in 1980. During his time at the Vatican, he worked with the media, traveling to some 70 countries. He also helped launch “Radio Veritas,” a Catholic radio station broadcast throughout Asia and other parts of the world. Benedict XVI sent a telegram to the current cardinal of Krakow, Poland making note of the “valuable contributions” made by Deskur during his 61 years in the priesthood.

The College of Cardinals now has 193 members, ; including 114 who are called upon to elect a new pope. ; members, including 114 who are calledupon to elect a new pope.