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Rome Reports

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Who are our guardian angels?

Marcello Stanzione Angel Expert“Angels help us from before our birth up until our death. We?re protected by them. ; They have an extremely important mission, because all angels worship God. Some are sent to earth as guardian angels to look after Christians, non-Christians and all mankind.”Angels seem to be a meeting point among religions. Jews, Muslims and Christians believe in them and believe they play a key role in people?s lives. Marcello Stanzione Angel Expert“Angels look after us in two ways. The first is the simplest, natural way. For example, they protect us from accidents or lead us to do good deeds. ; The second way is supernatural. Angels are masters of mysticism. They lead people to Christ.”The Catholic Church defines guardian angels as spiritual creatures with intelligence and free will. They are unique and above all immortal. Millions believe the mission of guardian angels is quite direct. Every day, year after year, they look after people and protect them during their entire lifetime. BR/KLH AM GDPBN