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Pope to celebrate Mass in Spanish in honor of Latin American countries

Arch. Carlos AguiarPresident, Episcopal Council of Latin America"The pope does it to join in the celebrations of the Bicentennial, to thank God for the freedom of our peoples, their autonomy, their independence, their long journey over these last 200 years."The idea came from the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, which is the ministry department ; responsible for this continent. Their mission has been welcomed by Latin America, where 40 percent of the world?s Catholics live. ;Arch. Carlos AguiarPresident, Episcopal Council of Latin America"We received this news with great joy and gratitude to the Pope for welcoming this celebration." ;Most Latin American countries gained their ; independence from Spain and Portugal between 1810 and 1814. But as a whole, the process started even before with the independence of Haiti in 1804. The continent?s complete independence took place in 1898 when the island of Cuba became independent. JMB/KLHAMGDP-PR