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Rome Reports

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Vatican and Turkey organize a Muslim exhibit on Prophet Muhammad

Selman GemuhluogluAssociation of International Art and Culture (Turkey)“We have collected these pictures from two collections. Some of them are very classic and historic, the rest are contemporary works by contemporary artists.”This type of art was born in the 17th century during the Ottoman Empire. But the style has been reborn so to speak, as contemporary artists reinterpret the original works. The exhibit is a way to bring Muslim and Christian cultures close. It includes a rosary and 30 paintings that reflect this connection. Mehmet Sen LutfiResponsible Exhibit (Turkey)“The cities of Rome and Istanbul are very close. With this exhibit we?ve built a bridge between the two. This is the most beautiful bridge that can be built between two peoples, two cultures, because it?s built in the heart and that no bombs or bullets can destroy it.”Although currently the exhibit is only shown in Rome, organizers plan to eventualy showcase it in different European countries. AO/KLH AM JM PR