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Rome Reports

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Vatican gets ready to welcome the 10th International Festival of Sacred Art and Music

This year, the foundation invited Vienna?s Philharmonic, conducted by Georges Prêtre. Also invited is the Orchestra and Chorus of the Opera of Rome and the Oratorio Society of New York.Card. Angelo ComastriArchpriest of St. Peter?s Basilica“I?m delighted to have such a beautiful musical project for a few days. It allows us to enjoy beautiful music, but it also allows us to live prayer more intensely. Especially since right now mankind needs beauty.”The concerts will take place in the basilicas of St. Peter, St. John Lateran, St. Mary Major and St. Paul Outside the Walls. The program includes the ; musical pieces "Requiem" by Brahms, also "Et in terra pax" by Vivaldi and the "Hallellujah, Amen" from Handel.The Princess of Kent, the sister of England?s Queen Elizabeth II, will be a special guest. Also invited is the Orchestra of Monte Carlo.The concert will take place from October 26th to the 30th ; as well as November 5th and 6th. Back in 2008 the pope personally went to one of these concerts. But this time around he has plans to enjoy the music in a different way. Hans Albert CourtialPresident, Foundation "Pro Musica e Arte Sacra" (Italy)“On November 6th, we will have a concert in the apartment of the Pope with the Tölzer children?s choir.”The Foundation of the Sacred Arts contributes to the preservation of musical goods and materials.For example, it financed part of the restoration of the Vatican?s Necropolis, also one of the domes from the basilica of Saint Mary Major, and the Burbera fountain in the Vatican BasilicaThe foundation also includes a prize, which is awarded every two years. Last year the president of Vienna?s Philharmonic, Clemens Hellsberg, was awarded, as well as Georg Ratzinger, who is the brother of the pope.AO/KLH FFJM-PR