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Pope canonizes Guido Maria Conforti, a bishop who dreamed of becoming a missionary

Gerardo Caglione Xaverian missionaries"His thought was this: I can not go on missions, but I can prepare and send others to proclaim the Gospel.” At that time, the pope assigned the congregation the task of evangelizing in China, the country Saint Francis Xavier dreamed of reaching. Today, the community of Xaverian Missionaries is made up of about 800 people with locations in 20 countries. The miracle that led to his canonization was the healing of a Brazilian child who was born prematurely and in a coma. Gerardo Caglione Xaverian Missionaries“Through the prayers of his parents which invoked the intercession of Bishop Conforti so bring the child back to life, this child began to breathe and grew up with no side effects.” The day of his canonization could not be more symbolic, as it coincides with the Church celebration of World Mission Day. It?s a way of honoring the legacy of the bishop who always dreamed of becoming a missionary. AO/AE FF GDPPR