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Rome Reports

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Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: We hope the Arab Spring is not only Autumn

Archbishop Fouad Twal is the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, meaning he oversees Catholics in Israel, Jordan, Cyprus and the occupied Palestinian territories. Recently, the Latin Bishops of the Arab region, met in Rome for their annual conference. There, they discussed some of the challenges facing their dioceses. Fouad TwalLatin Patriarch of Jerusalem“Arab Spring, we hope it?s Spring and not only Autumn. That the Spring can bring some day fruits. We hope, we hope, we hope, but at the same time, we know there is a risk, there is a risk, there is a danger.”Their discussion included politics, religious freedom and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. As the United Nations decides whether to recognize Palestine as a ?member state,? the Patriarch says, even allowing Palestine to be a ?permanent observer? in the U.N would be a step forward. Fouad TwalLatin Patriarch of Jerusalem“We cannot go on, managing the conflict, running the conflict. We have to finish with the conflict. We have to finish with the occupation. Nobody likes occupation. No one, no one. Occupation is bad. It?s bad for Israel and bad for Palestine.”Being a small Christian community also has its strengths. The group is close and the support among its members is strong. The patriarch says, those who flee and became successful elsewhere should remember their roots by supporting ; social, religious and educational projects in their mother land. KLH FFJMPN