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New book on ways to pray for souls in the Purgatory

Fr. Marcello StanzioneAuthor, ?365 giorni con le anime del Purgatorio?“Souls suffering in the purgatory need our prayers. When these souls go to heaven, they will remember our prayers.”

According to Catholic doctrine, the purgatory, just like heaven or hell, is not a physical place, but rather a state of the soul. To go to heaven, sins have to be forgiven, to purify the soul.

Fr. Marcello StanzioneAuthor, ?365 giorni con le anime del Purgatorio?“Those souls in the purgatory are Christians who have died in the grace of God. But during their life on earth they weren?t ; atoned for their sins, therefore they can?t enter paradise, because only those with completely cleansed souls can enter.”

Italian priest Marcello Stanzione published a book, which translates to “365 days with the souls of the Purgatory.”It includes daily prayers from saints, popes and theologians that reflect on the souls of the purgatory.

Fr. Marcello StanzioneAuthor, ?365 giorni con le anime del Purgatorio?“For every day of the year I collected thoughts of saints such as St. Catherine of Genoa and St. Faustina Kowalska. Also reflections of popes, especially from their encyclicals. In addition there are also traditional Catholic reflections.”

So now this book paves the way, so that people can remember and pray for the souls of the purgatory, every day of the year.