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Rome Reports

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Works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo on display in Rome

Piero Marani

Ambrosiana Library in Milan (Italy)“The goal is to compare the drawings of both artists to show how at times their techniques coincided. But there are also differences in how they interpret the function of drawings. Leonardo used it as a tool for scientific research, while Michelangelo used it as an instrument of artistic representation.”

The exhibit in Rome?s Capitolini Museum, includes some of Da Vinci?s engineering drawings, like this enclosed washing machine. Also on display are some of his drawings and studies of the human body, as well as notes he personally wrote on ways the military could escape from battle zones.

There are also plenty of works by Michelangelo. Aside from some of the sketches of the Sistine Chapel, visitors can take a look at his masterpiece titled “Cleopatra.” This classic work ; is even more special since in 1988 when it was being restored, yet another “Cleopatra” was discovered on the back.

Each drawing has a short explanation so that visitors can admire the beauty of the paintings but, so they can understand the meaning behind them.

Pina RagionieriFoundation Casa Buonarroti of Florence (Italy)"We must go beyond what you see, because what you see is not enough. Formal perfection is something that many can achieve by simply studying or being smart. But artistic masters, convey something that goes beyond all this. "

It?s a unique way to admire and learn more about the works and inspiration behind Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.